RAE Contracting can tackle all of your roof repair needs

Does your roof need repairs? Maybe an update? Was it damaged in a recent storm? Look no further than RAE Contracting in Billings, MT restore your roof to you to its former glory. Our roofing contractors will thoroughly examine the current condition of your roof and determine the extent of any damage. We’ve seen it all – from rotted wood and structural issues to simple signs of aging. With our superior attention to detail, we’ll examine recommend the most effective repair solution based on our findings. RAE Contracting can be trusted to handle any roof repair job cleanly, safely, and efficiently.
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Comprehensive Roof Repair Services in Billings, MT

RAE Contracting is dedicated to making sure you have a solid roof over your Billings, MT home at all times. We even hand flat and low pitch roofs and make sure there is no standing water that can make its way into the home. We also make sure to inspect:

  • Flashing
  • Chimneys
  • Skylights
  • Vent Pipes

Our roofing experts can repair all this and more! Get in touch with RAE Contracting to have your roof repair done RIGHT.