Insulation Matters In Your Home
June 23, 2018

There are many different flooring options available to today’s homeowner, and, while there are advantages and disadvantages to each type, homeowners can pick and choose the flooring that will work the best for their needs. Two flooring types, which seem to perform the same job, and, in many cases, are even seemingly identical in appearance, are solid wood flooring and laminate wood flooring.

Hardwood floors can be the most beautiful and impactful choices. There are also many advantages to hardwood floor installation. One major advantage to hardwood floors is the ease in which a homeowner can clean them. Dirt and dust wont stick to the floor, and can easily be swept or mopped up. And, hardwood floors wont easily stain. Also, with hardwood floors you are not limited by the color of stain. If your tastes change, or if the more modern dramatic colors you chose are considered to be outdated in the next fifteen years, the color of the floor can be changed by sanding the floors and applying a new stain. There are a few disadvantages to hardwood floors. For one, hardwood floors are more expensive then most other types of flooring. For the home DIY’er, hardwood flooring is difficult to install. Hardwood floors will become dull over time so a special cleaning and subsequent waxing will be needed for the floors to retain a lustrous shine. Wood floors also shift with temperature and humidity changes and it needs to be installed correctly, so most likely, a professional should be called for installation.

Laminate flooring, which is hugely popular with the DIY crew – the home store keeps plenty of these products on the shelf – does have the appearance of wood flooring. There is a slight sheen to laminate flooring, and many different patterns look quite good in any home. Laminate can also be a good choice for pet owners, as pet nails just skitter over the surface whereas wood flooring may be scratched. The advantages to laminate flooring are similar to solid wood flooring. Most homeowners can easily install laminate flooring, because most laminate floor makers build their products with tongue and groove capability, and the laminate boards are merely snapped into place. Unlike solid wood flooring, however, laminate flooring will not move with increases and decreases in temperature and humidity.

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