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Keep Your Home Protected

Siding offers protection to your home exterior and improves the aesthetic. When looked after properly, siding can last for a long time, but it needs to be maintained properly. If you are interested in siding installation or you would like more information about maintaining your existing siding, RAE Contracting can help.

We’ll handle the insurance claims for you

We know that dealing with insurance companies is taxing. Not only will we provide a fast, professional roof installation on your home, we will also work with your insurance company directly to save you time and stress. Our goal is to make roof installation the best possible experience for our customers.

Get the right amount of siding for your home

RAE Contracting can install or replace the siding on all or just part of your home. We won’t perform any unnecessary work. Our team will arrive promptly to tackle whatever project you need. Once we’re done, your home will have dependable siding that will last for years to come.

What Types of Siding Do We Work With?

If you are looking for siding in Billings, MT, you have many different options. When picking a siding material, you should consider the aesthetic and the level of protection it offers, as well as the cost.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is one of the most popular materials for siding because it is very durable. It is resistant to mold and rot, so it doesn’t require anywhere much maintenance. It’s also available in a variety of colors to fit the aesthetic of your home

Fiber Cement Siding (Hardie Plank)

Fiber cement siding is made from a mixture of sand and cement, so it’s incredibly strong. It is resistant to rot, as well as fire. If you are looking for long-lasting siding with minimal maintenance, fiber cement siding is an excellent choice.

Metal Siding

Metal siding is becoming a more common choice for residential and commercial buildings due to the variety of uses, ease of installation, and product durability. The range of steel siding panels, along with metal’s durability and ease of maintenance, has aided in driving this trend. Metal panels may be used to create new, traditional, and even industrial-style designs when used as siding.

Wooden Siding

Wooden siding is a popular choice in Montana because of the nice, rustic aesthetic and because it’s a great insulator. However, it can be more prone to weather damage than other siding options.

When Should You Replace Siding?

Siding replacement can prevent damage to your home, so you need to know the signs that it’s time for new siding before expensive damages occur.

If the finish is discolored and brittle on vinyl siding, it’s at risk of breaking and should be replaced. Any excessive mold and moss growth is also a cause for concern and you should consider a siding replacement. Other extensive damage, like insect damage, bubbling or warping, and water damage are all signs that you need a siding replacement. 

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